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Parrot Full is our complete all-in-one environment for pentesting, privacy, digital forensics, reverse engineering and software development.



Parrot Lite is a very lightweight system for daily use and privacy protection. It is designed for casual users who love the parrot look and feel.


Other Builds

The Parrot Project releases other images of the Parrot System specifically designed for special use cases or uncommon devices. Here you can find the ARM images and other custom editions.


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Features Table

Features Full Lite IoT
Architecture x86 32bit & 64bit x86 32bit & 64bit ARMv7 & ARMv8 64bit
Linux Version 4.18 4.18 (depends on board)
Debian Version Debian 10 Buster Debian 10 Buster Debian 10 Buster
Release Model Rolling Release Rolling Release Rolling Release
Default Desktop Environment MATE 1.20 MATE 1.20 MATE 1.20 o senza interfaccia
Office Suite LibreOffice 6.x LibreOffice 6.x Abiword/Gnumeric
Web Suite Firefox 63 Firefox 63 Epiphany (may include firefox-esr)
Adblockers and web protection Ublock Origin + NoScript + Privacy Badger Ublock Origin + NoScript + Privacy Badger Ublock Origin + NoScript + Privacy Badger
AnonSurf + TOR Browser
Cryptographic tools
Security & Pentest Tools (essential pack)
Reverse Engineering Tools
Digital Forensics Tools (cloning tools included) (cloning tools included)
Development Tools (full environment)
Bitcoin Wallet (electrum)
Supporto a Wine
Supporto a UEFI