Parrot Project

Download Parrot Security 3.8 Full Edition

Release Changelog

A Full and complete environment providing all the tools in our repository and a full development environment out of the box.

Download Parrot Lite 3.8 Home Edition

Lightweight and highly portable OS, it can be considered as a standard and general purpose distribution which is not security-oriented. It is a perfect base to create your own pentesting environment or to use Parrot as a standard OS
(tools are NOT pre-installed)

Download Parrot AIR 3.8

Parrot edition specifically designed for wireless testing, it is a subset of parrot full containing only the tools useful for testing wireless communication devices.

Parrot Cloud Edition

Parrot Server Edition, designed to be quickly deployed right where you need and remotely controlled to perform cloud pentests.

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Get it with Parrot Netboot Installer
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Embedded Devices and IoT

Raspberry Pi


ISO USB Image Writer

the Parrot ISO files are distributed as ISOHYBRID (iso9660) images, so you need a special software (like DD) to put them in a USB pendrive. Rosa Image Writer is a powerful and multiplatform tool that works perfectly with parrot

Linux 64bit Linux 32bit Windows OSX All Source Code More info

Netboot Images

netboot images are very small files that contain only the parrot installer, it requires an internet connection to install

Netinstall 32bit Netinstall 64bit

Parrot 3.8 Studio (64bit)

Parrot Studio is a derivative project for multimedia content creation applications for audio, graphics, video, photography and programming workflows.

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