Parrot Linux is a community-driven project.

In this page we list people who gave a significant contribution to the project.

Core Team

nickname full name role(s) email
palinuro Lorenzo Faletra Team Leader
Core Dev
Repository Maintainer
palinuro at parrotsec dot org
sheireen Lisetta Ferrero Core Dev sheireen at parrotsec dot org
mibofra Francesco Bonanno ARM release dev
mibofra at parrotsec dot org
nikksno Nicolas North Sysadmin
legal shit
nz at os dot vu
marafed Federica Marasà Graphic Designer marafed at parrotsec dot org


nickname full name role(s) email
gnugr Vangelis Mouhtsis Debian/MATE
Greek community
gnugr at parrotsec dot org
mastrobirraio Pino Matranga Website contributor
Tiago Teixeira
Andrea Costa Website contributor
Tissy Irene Pirrotta Former Package Manager tissy at parrotsec dot org
Quietwalker Manuel Di Vita Former free software licensing consultant

Ambassadors / Community Managers

nickname full name role(s) email
meu M. Emrah Ünsür Community manager / Turkish community meu at parrotsec dot org
terabreik Jose Gatica Spanish Community josegatica at parrotsec dot org
nemo Sandipan Roy Indian community nemo at parrotsec dot org

Special Thanks

Nanni Bassetti (Caine)
Darix Deros (KNXSecurity)
Giancarlo Niccolai
Nathaniel Jones
John Draper (cap'n crunch)