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Parrot 3.9 release notes

Parrot 3.9 is now ready, and it includes some important new features that were introduced to make the system more secure and reliable.

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Parrot 3.8 Release Notes

What i personally love about this project is its little but awesome developers community, and this summer was more productive than ever.

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Parrot 3.7 Release Notes

Take a Debian core and configure it to be lightweight with a classic but complete desktop environment, put a beautiful dark theme on it and modify it to have nice colors and to not stress your eyes even after many hours of work.

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Debian and Devuan

Some days ago we have posted a bizarre proposal on our social channels about a possible migration from Debian to Devuan to get rid of systemd and all the problems that it has brought to our environment since Parrot 2.

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Parrot 3.6 is here

After some months of hard work we were finally able to release Parrot 3.6. In this new version we didn’t wanted to introduce new features and functionalities, we have worked instead in making the existing environment better, more reliable and less memory-hungry by applying many minor fixes to our build platform and packages and by tuning our startup daemons management system (Parrot 3.

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